Upravit stránku

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The TREVA-30 is a special vehicle designed for the recovery of stranded equipment and other objects, their handling, removal of damaged equipment, evacuation and rescue work, crane work, engineering terrain modifications and removal of obstacles for the needs of recovery and rescue work.
Conceptually and generationally, it is a completely new piece of Czech made recovery machinery. The vehicle is equipped with a winch that has a basic pull of 25 tonnes and a 2-reel crane with a lifting capacity of 30 tonnes.


Stored on a crane turntable driven by its own hydraulic motor. The auxiliary winch is used to transport the rope of the main winch to the object to be recovered and to transport the pulleys during the assembly of the pulley system.


The vehicle is equipped with a telescopic crane with two extensions and two crane winches each with a basic pull of 80 kN.


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