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In 2021, Kopřivnice-based Tatra Trucks sold more vehicles than planned and fulfilled its commitments to partners. It delivered a total of 1,277 vehicles to customers, won major military contracts in NATO countries, launched the development of a hydrogen-powered vehicle, and celebrated ten years of production of the Tatra Phoenix model line.

In 2020 (the year before last), Tatra was not forced to stop production for a single day despite the pandemic, and managed to meet its plan and sold 1,186 vehicles. For 2021, Tatra Trucks had planned to sell 1,220 vehicles but was actually able to increase this number and delivered 1,277 vehicles to customers. Last year was very successful for the company Tatra Trucks also due to accomplishments in NATO member states in Western Europe. Tatra Trucks won the breakthrough contract for 879 vehicles for the Belgian army. This contract will be realized together with the company DAF Trucks and with another company from Kopřivnice, Tatra Defence Vehicle, which is a member of the CSG Defence division. Besides that, the German Bundeswehr ordered 76 new firefighting vehicles on Tatra Force chassis last autumn and these vehicles will be built in cooperation with partner company Rosenbauer. Last year Tatra Trucks also completed the delivery of three dozen Tatra trucks with hook loaders for the Czech army and is currently engaged in new wheeled self-propelled howitzers and air defence systems programme.

In September last year, Tatra commemorated 10 years since the start of production of the Tatra Phoenix model line, which is the automaker´s flagship product for the civilian sector. The company has delivered more than 3,650 vehicles of this series to customers to date. At the end of 2021, Tatra Trucks opened the new Tatra Trucks Museum in Kopřivnice.

In 2021, Tatra Trucks also worked on foreign projects. In the middle of 2021, a new subsidiary Tatra Defence Slovakia was established in Trenčín, Slovakia. The mass production of military versions of Tatra vehicles was also launched at a new industrial complex in Saudi Arabia back in 2021. In 2021, Tatra Trucks also attended several trade fairs, exhibitions and events, such as the IDEX trade fair in Abu Dhabi, the IDEB exhibition in Bratislava, Slovakia, and IDET exhibition in the Czech Republic.  

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