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CSG LAND SYSTEMS comprises prime Czech and Slovak companies that develop, produce and renovate land-based vehicles and equipment. The portfolio of companies belonging to the CSG Defense division includes, for example, the development, production, and sale of military and special wheeled and tracked vehicles, heavy off-road trucks, weapons, and special weapon systems.


The companies of the CSG DEFENCE division are engaged in the production of a wide portfolio of ammunition and its components. They produce small, medium and large calibre ammunition for mortars, rocket launchers, artillery systems and tanks, producing light mortars and cannon barrels. The companies undertake a deliberation and service of weapons and ammunition, but also develop and produce an active armour system. CSG DEFENCE companies are able to produce large quantities of ammunition as well as provide technology transfer for the ammunition production and assembly and ensure its entire life cycle.

Land Systems

We develop, produce and renovate land-based vehicles and equipment.

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