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Production and supply of vehicles for armed forces and rescue services. Production and sale of spare parts for military wheeled and tracked vehicles. Complete servicing and modernization of proven types of combat vehicles and spare parts.

In-house development of new vehicle types. Sales of weapons, ammunition and other military equipment.

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TATRA DEFENCE VEHICLE produces, sell and service the PANDUR II family of armoured personnel carriers for the Czech Republic and other selected markets in Eastern Europe and Asia. Development and production of armoured vehicles on TATRA chassis.

Production of Titus armoured vehicles in conjunction with TATRA TRUCKS. Warranty and after-warranty servicing, supply of spare parts, training for crews and maintenance teams, complete vehicle life cycle management.

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The company is covering its subsidiaries with a portfolio in the field of defence and civil engineering industries. The Group’s goal is to strategically guide the subsidiaries to acquire and manage orders within its offer efficiently.

The portfolio of the companies belonging to the Group covers the entire life cycle of ammunition and wheeled and tracked military vehicles, radio navigation devices for airports, special containers, and information technologies.

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Fábrica de Municiones de Granada is a new addition to the Slovak defense company MSM GROUP. Headquartered in Granada (Spain), it offers a wide portfolio of high-performance Ammunitions following NATO quality standards, especially Tank and Artillery Large Caliber Ammunition, plus high-performance single-base Propellants for medium calibre ammunition and EOD Equipment for Combat Engineers and Security and Policies Corps. In addition, the company develops, produces and integrates key components of munitions and missiles. Our more than 600 years of experience and capabilities enable Fábrica de Municiones de Granada to be a reference in Europe in Large Caliber Ammunition, Propellants and missiles and support the capabilities of many Armed Forces in all theatres.

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ZVS is a company founded in 1937 engaged in the development, production and sales in the field of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and special production with a focus on large-calibre and medium-calibre ammunition.

At present, the company has a top workforce and production facilities equipped with modern technology. You can also find the operation of ZVS in Snina, which is part of a special production.

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The company MSM Land Systems, s. r. o. is a manufacturing and repair company that specializes in repairs of military tracked and wheeled vehicles for state security forces (the army, police, fire brigades and rescue services), modernization of military and special vehicles, the sale of spare parts and the production of mobile ISO 1C containers. The company is also an authorized sales representative of TATRA TRUCKS, a. s. as well as an authorized service of TATRA trucks.

In the field of civil production, the company focuses on the production of special containers, special-purpose superstructures, repairs and inspections of flow meters of tanker vehicles, flow meters of all kinds, filters, monoblocs, pumps and separators, verification of all type-approved flow meters in authorized testing laboratories.

Tatra defence slovakialogo.jpg

Production and servicing of TATRA platform based vehicles with a focus on Slovakian military and security forces.

TATRA decided to enter into a joint venture with MSM LAND SYSTEMS in 2018 and thus created its subsidiary, which is now called TATRA DEFENSE SLOVAKIA s.r.o. Its goal is to gradually move the production of chassis and then also entire vehicles for power units to the territory of the Slovak Republic, which will provide fast service and training of vehicle operators.

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