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In January this year, the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic informed that the Transport Wing in Kuchyňa became the first out of three Slovak military airports where air traffic control is covered by new radio locators from Eldis Pardubice, member of the CSG Aerospace division. During this year, the military airport Sliač will also receive the new set of RPL-2000 radio locators and in 2023, the RPL-2000 radio locators will be supplied and installed at the military airport in Prešov.

The company Eldis Pardubice was chosen, as the provider of new radio locators for Slovak military airports, by the Slovak Ministry of Defence in the selection procedure back in 2020. The final contract between the member of CGS Aerospace division Eldis Pardubice and the Slovak Ministry of Defence was signed on the 30th of November 2020. Thanks to these new radio locators, the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic will maintain their capabilities for safe military and civilian air traffic, and will also ensure all the needed capabilities for NATO´s NATINAMDS. 

The RPL-2000 radio locator kits supplied by Eldis Pardubice consist of a primary surveillance radio locator RL-2000, a secondary control radio locator MSSR-1 and an accurate PAR-E landing radio locator. Users of RPL-2000 kits are also the Bulgarian Air Force and four air bases in the Czech Republic (Prague-Kbely, Pardubice, Náměšť nad Oslavou, and Čáslav).

For Eldis Pardubice, the supply of RPL-2000 radar kits to Slovakia is an important reference contract, because it is a contract in a NATO member state. Besides Slovakia, Eldis Pardubice is close to signing a contract to supply the PAR-E precision approach radar to Germany, where the contract will be executed through Steep. The Pardubice-based company is also successful in new markets in South America, Africa, and Asia, especially in India, where its radars cover more than 99% of all airspace.

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