On the 13th of March, soldiers from the 13th artillery regiment and from the Training Command of the Military Academy in Vyškov, visited companies Tatra Defence Vehicle and Tatra Trucks. Soldiers had the opportunity to see production facilities and try military vehicles that are being prepared for the Czech army. 

The company Tatra Defence Vehicle, a member of the CSG Defence division, focuses on the production, maintenance, development and modernization of land systems. The main pillars of the company are armoured vehicles Pandur II and TITUS. In the past years, the company Tatra Defence Vehicle provided 20 Pandur II vehicles for the Czech army in specialized versions. Together with the company Tatra Trucks, member of the CSG Automotive division, and other partners, Tatra Defence Vehicle is working on the production of TITUS vehicles and six prototypes of three different versions of the vehicle are already finished. TITUS vehicles are being produced specifically for the artillery units of the Czech army. Artillery units will also receive Caesar howitzers in the near future. 

Both companies, Tatra Defence Vehicle and Tatra Trucks showed to visiting soldiers their production projects and programmes, production facilities and also gave the soldiers an opportunity to drive truck that are being produced by the company Tatra Trucks. These drives were performed at the testing site of the company Tatra Trucks. Thanks to these visits, officials of both companies and soldiers could have exchange their experience and knowledge regarding military equipment, as the vehicles on Tatra chassis are the core of the logistical and transport capabilities of the Czech army. 

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