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MSM Group offers the production of forged shell bodies and metal components for various types of ammunition. The program includes standard calibre for tank ammunition and artillery ammunition from 81mm to 155mm. The shells are produced based on our or customer´s documentation. The offer also includes shell bodies at the semi-finished stage (slit and heat-treated body shells) or a coloured set of shell bodies and rings after final machined operations. Shell bodies are manufactured from high-quality steel by customer’s request and military standards. The production process of the shell body starts with the simple steel rod while guided through complex production operations becomes the final product. Operations that are following the production process of shell bodies consists of forging, cutting, measuring, sandblasting, machining, heat treatment, final machining, chemical protection, and colouring where all of these processes during the production are controlled from the input of the material to the delivery of the final product to the customer.


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